September 3



Post-Betrayal Syndrome is the collection of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms common to betrayal. So many people (all ages and from so many different countries) have taken the assessment to see to what extent they’re struggling. Almost everyone who takes the quiz struggles with some type of physical, mental, or emotional issue after their experience. What I see so often is our first line of defense is to take something to medicate, numb, distract ourselves, or to do anything just to try to mask the pain. But more often than not, this can manifest into something physical that can greatly affect our entire well-being.

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In This Episode

  • Know why it’s almost impossible to not have symptoms after a betrayal
  • Learn the way out of the trauma from a betrayal experience
  • Discover how the latest physical issues stem from the mental and emotional issues


“When you think about it, isn’t a betrayal difficult to digest, absorb and process?” [5:14]

There are five stages you will go through, when you’re healing from betrayal. You can’t skip them. You can’t avoid them. You can’t change the order of them. It’s just what will happen as you move through it.” [9:40]

“What we need to do is heal it at the root.” [13:16]

“Even though it happened to you, it’s not about you.” [16:08]


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