Catherine Plano is committed to help as many individuals like you to transform and create a vibrant, fulfilling life by tapping into their superpowers, finding the leader within and drawing on their greatest assets to bring out their fullest possible potential. She believes that traditional paradigms of leadership are outdated and no longer suited for today’s high-paced, tech-savvy environments.

About Guest/Topic

Catherine believes that there is a real science and an alchemy approach to leadership. She learned so much along her journey in leadership over the 25 years working with corporations and running her own company. She shares her wisdom and those ‘aha’ moments and insights through her books, blogs, podcasts, programmes and workshops.

In today’s episode, Catherine will talk about how people are at the cutting edge of new models of leadership that are changing the world for the better, growing corporations to new heights and creating healthier lives for all of us.

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In This Episode

  • Know about betrayal, and most importantly, what people can do with it
  • Learn how to effectively deal with the emotions that need our attention
  • Discover how betrayal can lead to your biggest crisis, and also, your greatest gift


“I was very much in that victim mentality.” [3:14]

“I did this whole attacking me and I’m sure that some people experienced the same thing.” [7:09]

“And so the only way for me to move forward from betrayal was to fill my cup up, and then not be in that victim mentality to start shifting my mindset.” [9:26]

“I am human. I did allow myself to get angry, to cry, to have these little tantrums. But what I do is I give myself time.” [11:20]

“I felt this real pure sense of love and I really focused on my heart center, where it was just really visualized that my heart was just being filled with love.” [16:27]

“I did things that lit me up the things that made me happy.” [20:10]

“I always say that you have to take the first step and you have to give trust.” [28:17]

“You know, things within our timeline, these emotional, significant events have taken place. And I think if we come from a place of love, always from a place of within the heart, we can heal anything.” [30:52]


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