Being in a toxic relationship is like swimming in an ocean with an anchor tied to your feet that is slowly pulling you down and drowning you—without you even noticing it. Only when we completely remove ourselves from that situation can we achieve freedom and peace. 

But identifying whether a relationship is toxic or not can be tough, especially if you’re being manipulated or gaslighted. Luckily, Denise Kavaliauskas is here to help you go from toxic love to true love.

About Guest/Topic

Denise Kavaliauskas is an international best-selling author who wrote Empower the Women Within, Stepping Into Total Freedom. She is also a transformational love coach and speaker who inspires women to walk away from destructive partners just as she did. Denise uses the lessons she learned from her own experience to empower women to bounce back from emotional abuse and focus on themselves. 

In this episode, Denise shares her take on how to detach yourself from a toxic partner and start your journey to self-care.

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In This Episode

  • Recognize a toxic relationship and its signs
  • Understand manipulation and gaslighting
  • Protect yourself from a destructive partner 
  • Discover a path towards self-care


“The best way to know is inside of you, you know something is not right. You’re not happy. Your needs are not being met.” [2:38]

“Have ultimate kindness and patience for yourself.” [13:45]

“Do the things for yourself that you deserve to have… Self-care is extremely important after you’ve been through [a toxic] relationship.” [15:00]

“Pay attention to the conversation that you’re having with yourself. Be more loving, more kind, more patient with yourself. What you’ve been through was a horrible experience and that you deserve this love, you deserve this kindness, you deserve this patience with yourself. Everything begins and ends with you. So if you start there you’ll see how that will come out, you’ll see that in your external world.” [27:59]


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