Turning self-pity into success means finally recognizing your voice—the voice that has remained hidden and afraid to be heard. Over-internalizing one’s emotions can become destructive. So, to protect your mental health, you need to remove yourself from the negative situation you are in. Janet Autherine is here to show you how.

About Guest/Topic

Janet Autherine is the author of Island Mindfulness Path to Transformation and the CEO of Autherine Publishing. She emigrated from Jamaica as a teenager and she now empowers overwhelmed, high-achieving women to create balanced, peaceful, successful, and abundant lives. 

In this episode, Janet discusses how we can turn self-pity into success and how to transform into a happier version of ourselves.

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In This Episode

  • How to become the happy version of yourself
  • Free your mind from negativity
  • Discover your voice
  • The effects of negativity
  • Mindfulness—how to avoid being distracted


“Negativity, in general, becomes negative emotions and negative emotions become hurtful and cancerous to the body and it pours out to everything that you do.” [15:44]

“Whenever I’m in pain, I used to spend a lot of time blaming myself.” [22:00]

“Most of the time when someone hurts, it’s not really about you. It’s about them projecting what’s going on with them on you.” [23:24]

“I don’t ignore the pain. I don’t ignore the hurt. It has a place. I just try to be responsible when it comes to it.” [24:35]

“I just try to be present for every part of my journey. I try to make everything simple and clear.” [28:56]


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