The most amazing questions come up in the PBT Membership Community when I hold our weekly live “coffee chats” and it’s always an interesting conversation. This came up recently and I have a feeling it will serve you too. So often, we have that nagging, inner voice; an inner critic that keeps commenting on what we’re doing, what we’re thinking, how we’re behaving, all of it. What do we do about that? Today, I invite you to do two things to help address this.

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In This Episode

●       Discover how to manage that persistent, inner critic in our mind

●       Understand why critical thoughts pop up

●       Learn two practical techniques to quiet that internal negative voice


“The first thing is you want to become aware of what you’re saying to yourselves. Are you saying kind, loving thoughts? Are you saying nasty, critical thoughts?” [0:52]

“Do you hear that negative, critical voice? Does it sound familiar? Do you know where that voice is coming from? We can’t change what we are unaware of. So once you know what you’re dealing with, then say ‘Does this serve me anymore?’ and if I’ve outgrown it. Just because it’s been a belief for so long, doesn’t mean we have to keep it.” [2:56]

“So if a majority of our thoughts are based on these negative beliefs, think about how it’s showing up throughout your day, think about the choices you’re making, think about the conversations you’re having with other people, think about the decisions you’re making based on these beliefs.” [3:44]

“Even if you catch ten times throughout the day of you being judgmental or critical with yourself, that’s ten opportunities to change them to something better and say something loving.” [5:58]

“We’re always learning and growing. So why not be a little gentler, a little kinder with ourselves?” [7:19]


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