Holly Jean Jackson helps entrepreneurs and business leaders love their life and business again. With over 12 years of technology and business experience, she helps business leaders get their groove back physically, mentally and emotionally. She does this through a combined approach of both coaching and consulting, providing practical and actionable results. She also helps in fear and frustration with technology. Holly also teaches her clients to remember self care is essential, not optional.

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In This Episode

  • Understand how a person can learn from her own betrayals and use that information to change health, relationships, and life.
  • Know how to create awareness around your behavior
  • Discover the possibilities of how something really good can happen from something really bad


“There’s a lot of pain from the past. I had some health challenges, but my biggest betrayal was I was married for about six years.” [3:01]

“A lot of rage, a lot of feeling worthless, feeling clueless feeling like my life was over.” [3:31]

“I think I needed time in a safe space alone to collect my thoughts and figure out what I needed to do next.” [6:20]

“We’re so filled with shame or embarrassment, or whatever it is, and we suffer and struggle in silence” [7:11]

“I just went backpacking alone, because I knew that the biggest fear I needed to face was my own mental chatter, my own anxiety and if I could face that I could face anything.” [11:35]

“I kept a lot of space and distance to make sure I still kept my self care standards.” [15:12]

“He knew I was in Celebrate Recovery for codependency. He knew that I was working on making sure that I had healthy boundaries.” [16:26]

“He made me feel like the best version of myself versus the worst version of myself.” [17:21]

“I wanted to break that pattern and empower other people that were having that same experience to get their health back because you can’t really do anything successfully if you don’t have your health.” [26:00]

“You’re not alone.” [28:20]

“Let’s share inspiration instead of all of the crazy negativity in the world.” [29:36]


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