Post betrayal syndrome is the collection of physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

Over 7,000 people at this point, took the assessment to see up to what extent they’re struggling from. So many need heartbreaking details, but one came in and I thought would really help because it’s something we see all the time: after all the betrayal we’ve been through, can people really keep their faith?

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In This Episode

  • Learn the significant lesson that betrayal will teach
  • Where to find support when dealing with betrayal trauma 
  • Learn the role of the body-mind connection when dealing with betrayal


“I’ve been through betrayal so many times I have no faith that I wouldn’t find myself in another situation where betrayal is possible. And I just want relief.” [1:16]

“Repeat betrayals happen when you haven’t learned the significant lesson that betrayal was there to teach.” [1:28]

“At a time where we need support the most, we’re the least likely to seek it because we’re embarrassed, we feel uncomfortable. There’s so much shame.” [9:03]

“They may walk in with that trauma, but they are leaving transformed.” [11:43]

“There’s just a version of you so healthy, so strong, so awesome. And we need to clear that up to the best of you can just show up.” [12:19]


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