Sue Mocker is an author, professional speaker, and hope consultant. Sue works in the spheres of healthcare, ministry, education, and business to make transformational changes in the matters of the heart. After experiencing both marital betrayal and familial betrayal, Sue did the hard work to find hope after healing and is here today to share her knowledge with you.

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Through her humorous and homemade stories, Sue is helping prove that while hurt people may hurt people, healed people can heal people as well. Sue wants you to know that there is a different way to think, be loved, heal, and grow by setting boundaries and honoring the level of treatment that you are deserving of. 

By getting out of denial, calling out the lies you tell yourself, and grieving the process of betrayal, you can take giant brave leaps to be healed in a deep way while healing yourself and those around you.

You are worth it to take the time to seek out help and find strength in your healing. Are you ready to do what Sue did and discover what is really true? Let us know what healing options you are exploring in the comments below. 

In This Episode

  • How to rewire your brain to believe and trust in your worthiness 
  • The importance of letting down your guard and learning how to just breathe
  • Ways that you can enter into the grieving process intentionally and on purpose
  • Gain insight into different healing techniques such as EMDR, hypnotherapy and more
  • Tips for becoming more familiar about different healing modalities guided by hope


“I accepted poor treatment, I accepted things that people should never be accepted for treatment for their body. But what I do know, and what I have learned, is that childhood trauma, childhood sexual abuse, totally distorts the brain, totally changes what you think about yourself, totally reorganizes things in a way that creates a belief system about love, and it distorts it all.” (7:44)

“I started believing and understanding that my childhood trauma actually is connected to healing from this betrayal.” (10:15)

“There are all different kinds of reasons as to why we feel inadequate, insecure, unworthy, in different relationships. And its always helped me in my next step, whatever I was ready for.” (18:58)

“You do have value. There is hope, and there are modalities of healing out there that you may or may not connect too, that you may or may not have heard of, know about. Just find an opportunity to be open for something to be shown to you that is your next step.” (26:50)

“Healed people heal people, healing people heal people, you don’t have to be completely there, you don’t have to have completely arrived, but you are worth it.” (27:43)


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