Post-Betrayal Syndrome is the collection of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms common to betrayal. Almost everyone who takes the quiz struggles with some type of physical, mental, or emotional issue after their experience. What I see so often is our first line of defense is to take something to medicate, numb, distract ourselves, or to do anything just to try to mask the pain. But it’s only when we: “face it, feel it, heal it” do we move through it. Unfortunately, so many people resign themselves to thinking that they’ll never heal, never be able to feel safe again, trust again, love again as they move forward feeling powerless and unhappy. Join me for this episode where you’ll see how you’re managing your experience and how you can make a few changes to feel so much better.

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In This Episode

  • Know up to what extent someone’s struggling in the course of the betrayal recovery process
  • Learn why so many people stay painfully stuck after a betrayal 
  • Discover the many parts of the self that need to get rebuilt


“What happens is we start believing all that’s been done to us, and then what we feed grows so then we’re feeding into all of this, and it keeps us stuck.” [1:51]

“Face it. Feel it. Heal  it.” [4:44]

“But with a resignation of just accepting – this is as good as it gets; it’s like you’re handing the keys over.” [6:46]

“Where are you in this spectrum? Is it resignation? Is it a sense of powerlessness? You don’t have to feel that way.” [7:38]

“Be very careful of the energy in that space because if it’s keeping you stuck, it’s not going to help you heal.” [8:43]

“I could take this trauma that broke me (and as you know, whenever broken, bent), I can use it to transform to create the most magnificent self, level of health, work, finances, body relationships that I could ever expect.” [11:30]


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