Dani Max has become an influential figure to many young adults because of her personal transformation at an early age. Her workshops, memberships, speaking events, products, and coaching programs are all designed to help other young people with their happiness, confidence, self-esteem and identity. Dani hopes to continue changing lives one person at a time about coming out happy. 

Coming Out Happy is an 18+ online community where you can truly be yourself without judgment or fear. She offers weekly zoom events teaching passion, personal development, fun activities, and chats to give people the space to make friends feel confident and find the community they deserve.

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In This Episode

  • Learn the challenges of denying yourself your own truth 
  • Discover how to overcome the fear of losing the love and respect of the people important to you
  • Understand how it is okay to be honest with yourself


“I hated who I was growing up. I hated absolutely everything that made me who I was” [3:22]

“For so many years, I gained so much weight when I was in the closet when I didn’t feel authentic at all.” [6:17]

“I came out because I actually met somebody who was open about their sexuality in high school. And I think that’s really what changed. For me,” [8:18]

“I was testing the waters to see how our family would react.” [10:10]

“My labels have changed and that’s totally okay for anyone watching like to change your labels over time.” [11:49]

“I just wanted love.” [12:48]

“It was my fault to wait. But I’m glad that I did it regardless of whatever time.” [13:40]

“I was fortunate enough to have that and to have an accepting family.” [13:55]

“Because I was switching all of my negative thoughts about myself to just more positive stuff, every single thing started to switch just because of that.” [15:41]

“A lot of people who identify as LGBTQ plus, don’t have accepting families or they don’t have accepting friends. They don’t have anybody around them, to understand them and to give them the love and support that they deserve.” [19:43]

“Any age needs a group of people who love them, and we’re trying to provide that family to them.” [25:55]

“I think the biggest thing that people worry about when they do come out is that they’re going to lose people.” [29:06]

“If you’re not safe to come out, maybe that’s not the right time. But you deserve to be who you are when the time is right.” [29:51]


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