March 25



After a childhood filled with family members struggling with addiction, Greg Johnson overcame these betrayals and has since dedicated his life to helping others learn how to forgive. A sober specialist in Los Angeles, Greg helps his clients rehab their hearts to find the power to stay sober.

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Today we are undressing all the ways in which betrayal can be related to addiction, how Greg’s own first-hand experiences with substances helped him to forgive those who wronged him, and why you should embrace your emotions instead of run from them. Learn about why you should consider prayer and meditation to assist your healing, how to shift your perspective to open your heart, and why you need to feel it to heal it.

No matter what, healing is possible. The journey to forgiveness and acceptance can be a struggle, but you do not have to go through it alone. When you open yourself up to help, you can begin to breakdown the barriers built up by betrayal and/or addiction, and start the path to true happiness.

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In This Episode

  • Getting over the trauma and betrayal of having an addict in your intimate circle
  • Aspects of addiction that can lead to betrayal
  • How to recognize when you are healed and the work is done
  • Reconnecting and listening to your heart
  • Having trust in the healing process and believing in your self worth


“The persons that are supposed to love one the most, they are the very person that is hurting the person the most. And that betrayal is just so deep, and it took a long time to process through that betrayal and the trauma of it” (2:39)

“Going through my own experimentation first hand, it allowed me to not just have compassion, but to truly have empathy and to understand the power of addiction.” (4:48)

“I couldn’t heal my own behaviors if I did not forgive and do that deep healing and forgiving work with my father. And that was the very thing that set me free.” (9:56)

“If we can just sit and be still and allow those feelings to move through us, the greatest gift is awaiting us on the other side.” (13:15)

“I said yes, I need help. And the flood gates opened up and that’s when my life transformed and I was able to heal, forgive, and move to a place of absolute peace joy and love with this horrific life experience.” (16:11)


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