Often when we think of health issues as a symptom of an unhealed betrayal we think on the grand scale of things, including cancer and heart disease. But did you know that everything from IBS, to skin issues, headaches, and chronic fatigue, could be a symptom of something greater? If you have experienced any type of health issue, there is a very good chance that an unhealed betrayal could be at the root of your symptoms. 

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Inna Topiler is a certified clinical nutritionist practicing a functional medicine approach to health, founder of Complete Nutrition and Wellness, Host of the Health Mysteries Solved Podcast, and so much more. While Inna did not start out to work in functional medicine, it was after a slew of her own health issues and a disappointment with the traditional treatment she received, that her passion to help others get to the root of their underlying health issues and reclaim their health began to take hold.

Today Inna is here to give us a look at the connection between your head and heart and explore the vital roles these connections play in your ability to live your life to the fullest. Chronic illness can be a result of your body betraying you, and it is only by directly addressing these unresolved betrayals that you can remove the physical manifestation of betrayal and start healing your betrayal through loyalty. 

If you are struggling with physical symptoms that you just can’t make sense of, Inna wants to encourage you to look into your past betrayals, start understanding the connection between the mind and the body, and acknowledge your symptoms so that you can breathe healing towards it.

Have you ever experienced a bodily betrayal? Share your story of perseverance and determination with us in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • What to do when following your Doctor’s orders doesn’t make you feel better 
  • Learn what functional medicine is and how it connects with your nutrition
  • The difference between functional testing and traditional medical testing 
  • Tips for healing after the betrayal of your body and the medical system 
  • Techniques to help you break up with your negative thought patterns and pains


“I sought out a lot of conventional therapy at first, as a lot of people would, and I was really disenchanted with a lot of the disjointed care that I was getting. I was really frustrated because after months of seeing so many doctors I still had no answers at all. And I was angry, upset, I felt really lost, but this is where I started to feel betrayed.” (3:10)

“With his help, I embarked on this journey to balance my body. Now understanding what was happening, it was really really empowering for me.” (11:28)

“If there is anything going on in the body that normally may not be a problem, it will be an issue because of that weak immune system that we created because of the stress, which is really due to this old betrayal piece that people don’t realize.” (17:42)

“We shouldn’t be afraid to bring up the negative if we are doing it in a way that’s controlled. Almost that we are highlighting it for deletion, that’s how I like to see it.” (22:34)

“Once we feel it, the goal is not to blame it or make it go away. But rather we want to really acknowledge it and almost thank it, in a way, for showing up.” (25:04)


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