Do you ever hear a voice inside your head that keeps telling you, “you’re not beautiful, not fit, and just not enough?” Negative self-talk is extremely destructive. And it affects you more than you know. This type of internal dialog places you in a self-sabotaging state where everything you do will never be enough for you to feel happy about yourself.

Jennifer D’Amato loves to help women overcome and eliminate this negative self-talk and become intuitive leaders who own their self-worth and beauty. It is her goal to help women feel their best and break down old beliefs.

About Guest/Topic

Jennifer D’Amato is a certified health coach and life coach who likes to combine the two disciplines to help women. She also hosts a weekly podcast for women, where she blends real-life humor and authenticity to empower listeners in all areas of their lives.

Jennifer developed a passion for helping women feel more confident about themselves. This passion stems from her own personal experiences, as she was once a prisoner of her own negative thoughts. Earlier in her life, Jennifer was unable to appreciate her body as none of the diets she tried seem to work. Due to her weight, she was called insulting names such as ‘thunder thighs’, causing her to starve herself and jump from one fad diet to another.

Jennifer was able to break the cycle of self-sabotage and self-doubt and now she wants to help other women do the same.

In this episode, Jennifer shares how to filter the negative voice in your head and listen to the positive, authentic inner voice that says, “yes, you are more than enough.”

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In This Episode

  • Discover the negative side effects of self-sabotaging thoughts
  • Find out how negative thinking affects your perception about your body
  • Identify the various kinds of negative self-talk
  • Learn how childhood trauma and social media causes negative self-talk
  • Understand the long process of changing your beliefs and honoring your body


“The thoughts I was having were causing a lot of my health problems.” [4:19]

“I didn’t realize that I was actually doing this whole self-sabotage. I was hurting myself by what I believed about my body.” [5:16]

“Instead of looking at it as deprivation of ‘oh, I can’t eat that cookie, I can’t have that donut, I can’t drink that glass of wine,’ look at it as ‘by doing that, I’m only depriving myself of feeling good in my own body.’” [8:05]

“Every client I’ve met with believes that the voice they hear is their own… They believe that the inner critic is the one who’s saying those things in their head actually is them. Most often, it’s not. Most often, it comes from some rules that were told to them as kids.” [10:07]

“We live in a social media age. They’re being bombarded, especially my younger clients, by images of what they think they should look like.” [11:11]

“There’s no harm intended in saying, ‘you need to clear your plate before you can get up from the table.’ Except the harm comes when we’re no longer honoring our body.” [11:53]

“Affirmations have the best of intentions. But if we’re saying something that we feel is so not true, even though we want it, our mind kicks it out.” [17:30]

“Your mind believes whatever you tell it. Your mind gravitates towards that negative and hangs onto it. We can hear a hundred wonderful things, but that one negative—that’s what we hang on.” [22:24]

“You are worthy. You are worthy of this work. You are worthy of waking up everyday feeling great about yourself, about the things that you do, about the things you choose not to do. You are absolutely worthy of having new thoughts.” [26:17]


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