Transformation starts when you tell yourself the truth. When you know yourself and your limitations, the path to healthy weight loss becomes much easier. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, overweight, or unhappy, you’re going to really appreciate Dr. Debi’s guest for today’s episode, Jennifer Powter.

About Guest/Topic

Jennifer Powter is a Diet Disruptor who coaches successful women to finally understand their relationship with food so they can break free of emotional eating, lose weight for good, and stop feeling held back by their weight. 

Jennifer holds a Master’s Degree and is a qualified clinical exercise physiologist, a double certified health and life coach, and an emotional intelligence practitioner with decades of success helping women all over the world. 

Jennifer’s revolutionary metabolic profile index assessment gives clients an easy-to-understand breakdown of the science behind their physiological transformation, helping them achieve this in simple, actionable steps.

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In This Episode

  • Discover how Jennifer Powter tapped into her inner strength to gain true transformation 
  • Be inspired to create the change necessary to live a happier life and to make personal choices that align with your values
  • Learn simple strategies that yield big results when it comes to looking, feeling, and being better


“The body doesn’t lie. You’re always getting messages from your body.” [6:57]

“If I wanted anything to change, it was up to me. And that’s, you know, when you take responsibility, of course, that’s when you’re taking your power back. And that’s, that’s where change happens.”  [13:23]

“I had to radically redesign my expectations about what change looked like for me, and to recognize what women expect to occur in a month versus being patient to the kind of change that you can create in a year with consistency and persistence.” [14:56]

“When life is not adding up, it’s time to start subtracting.” [21:49]

“Whatever you’re resisting, you can mask it, hide it, whatever, but it will persist until you face it, deal with it. Come to terms with it, get honest about it. ” [24:52]

“Comparing hurt me. Comparing myself to others hurt me. So I really developed a skill set of not allowing myself to think thoughts or engage in that trap because it took all of my positive feelings away. So often with my clients, I say in less, don’t let anything into your feed, you know, your social media feed or into your mindset feed that lets you feel like crap about yourself because that’s just, it’s a way to halt all progress.” [29:43]


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