Cynthia Thurlow is a globally recognized expert in nutrition and intermittent fasting. She’s a highly sought-after CEO and the founder of the Everyday Wellness Project. In addition, Cynthia has been a practicing nurse for over 20 years and a two-time TedX speaker. Her second talk on intermittent fasting has been viewed nearly 6 million times. 

You can catch her by tuning into her Everyday Wellness Podcast, which Entrepreneur Magazine listed as one of the 25 Podcasts That Will Help You Grow in 2020.

About Guest/Topic

Cynthia’s parents separated when she was in second grade. This made her childhood quite difficult. Most people would carry that pain with them well into adulthood, but Cynthia Thurlow is not most people. Instead of wallowing in despair, she was motivated to do better. Today, she is a thought leader in her field, as well as an expert on how to get out from under limiting beliefs and unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

In this episode, learn how Cynthia overcame her childhood and became the successful entrepreneur that she is today.

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In This Episode

  • Learn how to identify the mindset you need to change in order to turn your life around
  • Discover the most important mindset strategy 
  • Listen to how you can use your situation to your advantage


“Sometimes it’s easy for us to fall into patterns because it’s less effort.” [6:30]

“By pausing, it was advantageous because it led me to consider other options.” [7:00]

“We have to give ourselves the freedom to make decisions that perhaps don’t seem that they are a hundred percent right.” [7:35]

“I’m not a perfectionist, thank goodness, but when I reflect back, I think it was the faith that I had in myself.” [11:28]

“It’s clear to me more than ever, that desire to learn, that desire to persevere, that desire to challenge myself, all those resiliency skills, they all stem from the way that I grew up.” [12:40]

“I wanted to be the parent I didn’t have and I got to see mirroring both in men and women of what not to do as a parent and so that’s a gift.” [13:37]

“How do I get from point A to B and how do I do that in a respectful, loving way? And do it with integrity?” [14:40]

“You gotta invest in yourself, it is so critical. “ [21:30]

“It’s always about helping others, it’s always about being of service.” [23:10]

“It’s amazing how when you have a major crisis in your life, you can sink or swim. I’d rather swim.” [26:48]

“I think reflection and I think brutal honesty with yourself. I have an ability to look objectively at myself and sometimes it’s not pretty.” [27:30] 

“All of us go through things, whether it’s emotional pain, psychological pain, and so it’s that mindset shift for me that has made all the difference.” [28:51]

“I think part of being a woman is that we are these incredibly intuitive beings, and I think it’s absolutely critical that we are honest and forthright about what type of life we want to create for ourselves.” [30:12]


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