Annette Comer is a savvy businesswoman who knows how to play the game—and win. She is a bestselling author, international speaker, 7-figure entrepreneur, and the founder of the World’s Greatest Women Academy. Anette started her career as a mechanical engineer, a profession dominated mostly by men. She dove into the corporate arena and came out on top with her excellent performance in project engineering and research management at a Fortune 500. 

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As one of the few women in her company and the industry as a whole, Annette was used to being around men. In fact, she even led a team made up mostly of men. This didn’t sit well with one of her employees, who one day, brought a loaded gun to work to use against her. 

Interestingly, it wasn’t this incident that pushed her to quit her job. It was the fact that her male bosses chose to put the blame on her. The shocking betrayal forced her to learn the hard way that there are people in this life who just aren’t worth your time and energy, even if you’ve spent the past 19 years working with them. 

In this episode, we will take a closer look at how Annette’s experiences shaped her to be the strong, successful woman that she is today. 

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In This Episode

  • Learn the different approaches to dealing with men and women in business
  • Find out how you can improve your communication skills
  • Learn how to prevent being blindsided in the cutthroat world of business
  • Discover the most important aspects of a business


“I heard a voice in my head: you have just experienced that ultimate intimidation and betrayal.” [03:36]

“I keep looking for the answer connected with me, and in the end, after many years, I came to realize it wasn’t me.” [04:25]

“Clarity is great when it’s hindsight.” [09:45]

“Women form leadership in business in a completely different way than men do. They take it into this personal mission that they get so much of themselves wrapped up into and so that sets them up for being exposed to a betrayal that men don’t experience.” [09:54]

“For a woman, she views business as something that is pulling together a group of people for the betterment of something, to accomplish a goal so she’s very much attuned of where people’s skills are, how they’re interacting, what’s their productivity….” [11:58]

“When you lose yourself in the other, you just run up against brick walls.” [14:35]

“What were the main rules of the game? What skills did men have to play that game well that women did not have?” [15:15]

“Women take it all internally, they whirl it inside and they get sick and they quit and they get exhausted. [22:45]

“As you move along your leadership journey, know that there’s going to be things that happen that you don’t understand and situations you find yourself in and when that happens, resist the urge to immediately turn into yourself.” [24:56]

“Let’s look on the outside first, let’s not go inside first because when you get inside, it’s a losing battle” [25:42]

“Do training. Invest in yourself.” [26:06]


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