Post-Betrayal Syndrome is the collection of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms common to betrayal. So many people (all ages and from so many different countries) have taken the assessment to see to what extent they’re struggling. Almost everyone who takes the quiz struggles with some type of physical, mental, or emotional issue after their experience. Nutrition and fitness may not be a priority as so many other issues need to be tended to but when we feel we’ve lost a sense of control, eating healthier and moving to happen to be two areas that help us regain a sense of control.

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In This Episode

  • Discover how nutrition and fitness are important components of the healing process
  • See how gaining control over our health and fitness gives us a sense of control we lost due to a betrayal
  • Learn how betrayal impacts physical, mental and emotional symptoms and how fitness helps get it back
  • Know how a person can release trauma through somatic/body-based practices 


“The issues are in the tissues. Trauma gets stuck in the body, and it can be trauma from decades ago.” [3:14]

“There are different types of breathwork which can definitely help and make you feel so good.” [4:21]

“It can give you a sense of control during a time where you feel like control has been taken away.” [6:08]


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