When you have experienced a traumatic event, it’s easy to get stuck in the victim mentality. But your painful past doesn’t mean that you can’t live a fulfilling life. Take Dawn Burnett’s story of trauma and healing, for one.

Dawn grew up in a broken family and is a survivor of sexual abuse. Through functional medicine and a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, she was able to move forward and uncover the happiness that lives within her. 

In this episode of From Betrayal to Breakthrough, she recounts her life’s journey and talks about how you can become the best version of yourself

About Guest/Topic

Dawn has helped countless people around the world free themselves from relationships, habits, and situations that are no longer serving their higher selves. She is the founder of the #SHEROproject and also a best-selling author, divorce lifestyle consultant, and mindset mentor. 

She has featured in numerous publications and media outlets including ABC, TBN, FOX, WKMG, Shape Magazine, and Reader’s Digest. 

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In This Episode

  • Who is Dawn Burnett? [0:10]
  • Discover what holds people back [2:00]
  • What led Dawn to where she is now? [3:33]
  • Getting to the core of what’s holding you back [13:51]
  • …and many more


“Well, a big one for starters, that holds people back, is negative mindset, right? And that is a daily practice in combating because it involves limiting beliefs, it involves past experiences; that internal negative chattering dialogue that, if we are not careful, can self-sabotage our future.” [2:02]

“The best way to monitor your thinking is to write it down – to keep a journal. You’d be surprised what your thoughts are when you really start to become aware of them. And then once you have the awareness, you need new information to be able to shift your mindset.” [2:51]

“Ultimately, everything you need is inside of you. It’s like people chase for the outside, for dreams, for happiness, if I just achieve this one level, then, I’ll be happy. Happiness comes from within” [23:18]  

“Work on yourself. Connect from within, because when you do and give all that you know, show up on your authentic self, and you put your best foot forward, the universe will meet you where you are at and things will start to flow.”  [23:36]


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