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Scott Mason is the son of a Mid-western civil servant and a factory worker. History and triumphs against adversity led to his unlikely and unexpected success as an attorney, government official, entrepreneur, and community leader in one of the toughest cities on Earth.

He is currently a motivational and keynote speaker, small business consultant leadership mentor, with a publication of a book discussing resilience, the universal mind and toxic masculinity, which is set for publication later this year.

His journey has floated in the face of those who believed he could not and should not succeed. And it has given him zealot passion for ensuring that others never lose the internal fuel that will rocket them to ultimate levels of personal satisfaction and success.

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In This Episode

Learn what happens to us physically, mentally and emotionally when we shed the need for force

Discover how a lot of things relate to the thinking around toxic masculinity, and how people can use change.

Understand toxic masculinity and how it represents the characteristics that are associated with traditional versions of manhood


“By belittling, domination and abuse of others, power for its own sake, not powerful instincts to further a social cause or to better the world.” [3:03]

“Change is sustainable because people are engaged with it, like it.” [5:47]

 “I personally believe we’re at a profound inflection point around these issues, and our culture.” [8:38]

“They framed it in a way so that I never, as a child, my youngest ages, felt betrayed.” [13:00]

“At first, a challenge I’ve had earlier parts of my life is developing a sense of grievance, and holding on to that grievance.” [15:13]

“Acknowledging that I have fear as a man is for me, is very, very difficult” [17:36]

“Identity is the core of who we are.” [19:53]

“I would never have imagined that I would or could be an entrepreneur, I assumed, oh entrepreneurs, the people that work for themselves. They’re just doing that because they can’t work for other people, or everyone hates him.” [26:17]

“Don’t be afraid of change. If you feel like you need to change, you need to dive in, do it. Tomorrow is gonna be okay.” [29:12]


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