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Anxiety and panic attacks can sometimes become so all-consuming that they take over your life. These can cause you to have nagging thoughts that stop you from being fully comfortable as yourself.

Kim Strobel is a leadership consultant and happiness coach. She helps business owners, leaders, and high achievers prioritize their health and wellbeing so they can reach new heights in their professional and personal lives. Kim’s real-talk approach offers a refreshing take that fosters authenticity and genuine connections. As a result, her clients find it easier to elicit true change.

Even as a happiness coach, Kim is no stranger to trauma. Before becoming a happiness coach, she had to overcome a variety of challenges, adversities, and traumas. In fact, there are still days when she would find herself crying on the office floor, thinking that the world will end soon. 

How does she deal with these panic attacks? Let’s find out.

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Even as a child, Kim Strobel was already demonstrating an intense enthusiasm for life. However, the drawback to such intensity was that she was also full of anxiety. When she was in high school, her anxiety peaked. She would suffer episode after episode of panic attacks, which she recounts were absolutely terrifying. This caused Kim to limit herself from the things that she loves just so she could feel safe. She ended up feeling like she couldn’t function as a normal human being.

After undergoing therapy to address her anxiety, she still found it hard to live the life she wanted. She was eventually able to come to grips with her reality by finally embracing all aspects of her unique self. 

In this episode, Kim shares how a person can embrace all sides of themselves in order to be aligned and at peace.

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In This Episode

  • How you can take full responsibility for how you show yourself
  • Learn the drastic effects of anxiety on a person
  • Understand the differences between an anxiety attack and a panic attack
  • Discover helpful literary works that will help you understand why you feel what you feel
  • Learn why accepting that you need help will help you heal
  • Learn how to embrace all sides of yourself


“Anybody who is really joyful… It seems like it’s because they have this deep perspective. Because if we haven’t been through anything dark, how can we appreciate all that goodness?” [3:38]

“Because nobody knew what was wrong with me, this was really years and years that I spent feeling completely flawed and completely betrayed by my own brain.” [6:00]

“Whatever you’re paying attention to and focused on, it grows. Because I became hypersensitive to every little thing that was going on, it just sent my adrenaline into flight or flee mode easily.” [10:40]

“The more I understood what the symptoms were, that they were not dangerous but also why I felt the way I did, that really helped me to do the work that I needed to do for myself.” [23:18]

“I didn’t wanna just use the band-aid of antidepressants and not get at the layers under me that were contributing to my issues.” [23:42]

“Here I am flying across the country, giving talks to thousands of people. And, I’m also struggling to drive to Walmart, which is 5 minutes away from my house.” [29:02]

“Isn’t it amazing when you embrace all sides of you, you completely come into alignment? And that’s when you are looking, feeling, living, and performing at your absolute best. And it becomes easier because you don’t have to try to be anything else than all of the wonderful parts that make you, you. ” [31:07]
“Only 10% of your long-term happiness has to do with your external circumstances.” [31:58]


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