If you’re not where you want to be, lots of factors can be in the way. One of the biggest obstacles? Fear. Fear can stop you from taking the actions necessary to achieve what you want in so many areas of life.

While some people plow through fears, others could use a few tips. For those who need a boost, here are a few strategies that can help.

  1. Visualize success. Fear comes from imagining the worst, so one solution is to imagine a positive outcome. It’s important to make the visualization as real as possible. Use all of your senses to create a realistic scene. Imagine how you’ll feel when you’ve achieved what you set out for because you overcame your fear.
  2. Imagine your child is watching you. It’s easier to give up or give in when you’re alone. Have you ever noticed that the presence of an audience can often give you that extra boost of confidence? Imagine your child is watching you and your intention is to be a powerful role model. If you’d want your child to have the confidence to do something, show them through your example.
  3. Remind yourself of your boldness. Remind yourself of times in the past when you moved past your fears. What happened? What did you do and how did you feel? Sometimes recalling those memories reminds you that you took on your fears in the past so this is just a new opportunity to take on a fear again.
  4. Ask yourself what a brave person would do. Ask yourself what a brave person would do and choose that course of action. Think of someone you know who you consider to be brave and contemplate how they would handle the situation you’re in. If you know someone who is courageous, ask them what they would do if they were you.
  5. Imagine time is running out. If you knew the clock was ticking, you’d be more conscious of how you’re spending your time. You’d probably be more mindful of how you’re moving through your days, have a great perspective on life, and make the moments count. It also would be easier to move past your fear if you knew the opportunity would soon pass you by.
  6. Focus on the regret you’ll feel if you fail to act. Instead of thinking about failure, think about the consequences of never trying. Regret is a painful pill to swallow. Give yourself the chance to move forward on that exciting idea, opportunity or venture. The last thing anyone wants is to spend the latter part of life wondering “what if?”
  7. Change your physiology. Breathe deeply. Stand up straight. Look straight ahead. Take up a “power pose.” Your pysiology changes how you think and feel so use it to your advantage.

What would you do and who would you become if you had a better handle on fear? Even a small boost in courage can get the ball rolling.

When you’re faced with fear, try using one of these techniques and notice what happens when you take it on and show fear who’s in charge. You got this.

Dr. Debi
Founder, The PBT (Post Betrayal Transformation) Institute

Developing the Courage to Face Your Fears