What Would Your Healed Version Do?

In this episode, we dive into the complex process of making decisions, emphasizing the impact our current state has on the choices we make. We explore the idea that the Stage of healing from betrayal we find ourselves in – whether it be Stage three, four, or five – significantly influences our decisions, urging listeners to strive for Stage five, where decisions come from a place of clarity and strength.

We discuss real-life examples from our members at the PBT®  (Post Betrayal Transformation®) Institute, where people in the midst of healing from their betrayals are also often dealing with tough decisions around managing relationships and raising children post-betrayal. The strategy of ‘playing out’ each decision and checking in with our body response is suggested as a means to guide the decision-making process.

The concept of making decisions as if you’re already in Stage five is introduced, illustrating how this perspective can simplify decision-making and align actions with our highest self. This leads to a broader discussion about the consequences of decisions over time, the tendency to resist change, and the importance of envisioning and working towards the ‘Stage five’ version of ourselves.

We touch upon the personal journey of healing from betrayal and how this influences decision-making, sharing Dr. Debi’s own experience with pursuing a PhD in the midst of personal upheaval.

Finally, the episode provides actionable insights on how to begin aligning with the ‘Stage five’ version of ourselves immediately, regardless of the stage we are currently in. Dr. Debi encourages us to adopt small, intentional actions that reflect the higher self they aspire to be, both personally and professionally.

In closing, listeners are reminded to check in with their ‘Stage five’ selves to speed up the journey through the Stages from betrayal to breakthrough, turning the focus to intentionality in decision-making.

Key Points Discussed:

  • The influence of healing Stages on decision-making
  • Strategies for effective decision-making during tough times
  • The impact of long-term decision-making on personal growth and change
  • Personal anecdotes highlighting the journey of growth post-betrayal
  • Practical steps to align daily actions with one’s highest self


Decision-making is a reflection of our current state, but it also shapes our future. By envisioning our ‘Stage five’ selves, we can make choices that propel us toward the breakthrough we seek.


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