Eva Medilek’s life came crashing down when she found text messages on her husband’s phone suggesting he was in love with another woman. What came next was a painful and messy situation, but through hard work and personal development, they were able to make the decision to do whatever it took to kill their old relationship and create a new one together.

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Now a relationship style success coach, Eva helps other powerful women create a meaningful life by becoming more vulnerable and intimate. Eva is proof that your betrayal can open you up to revealing your greatest gift, and is here today to share her story and wisdom with you. 

By staying in the present creation of what you can build, Eva is here to help you stop worrying about the past and start thriving in your future. Everything from the importance of personal development to tools that you can take back to your relationship is on the agenda today as Eva helps you close the intimacy gap. 

Passionate about what is possible on the other side of betrayal, Eva wants to help you refocus your energy and persevere through your pain. An inspiring story of forgiveness, trust, and intimacy, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

Has personal development played a role in your ability to move through your betrayal? Share your story with us in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • The importance of finding a therapist that works for both partners 
  • Why you need to stand in the power of the relationship you want and deserve
  • How to have trust in your partner as a highly driven individual 
  • Why your greatest betrayal can reveal your greatest gift and purpose
  • The role of your tribe and why you need to surround yourself with positivity


“Once I realized that he was literally falling in love with another woman, my heart was racing, I just really wanted to collapse because I realized that everything that we were working to achieve could be lost. My marriage could end, and I could end up spending all of this time building this dream and end up alone again.” (6:24)

“Your investment is in the relationship, in the relationship that you are both creating together, it is actually not in the person.” (12:26)

“To use that drive to focus on intimacy, vulnerability, and connection in their relationships, and really rechanneling that energy and learning how to shift it.” (19:35

“Diamonds are made from that pressure, and the fire, and that’s where you can create something beautiful.” (22:51)

“I didn’t want this to be hidden and under the rug, life is real and how we show up in life and handle all of the challenges that life brings us, we get in trouble when we try to hide.” (30:10)


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