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Dr. Zoe Shaw is a licensed psychotherapist, author, motivational speaker, podcast host, life coach and fitness fanatic. She is a mom to 5 and a wife. She is passionate about helping women who struggle in difficult relationships, especially that sometimes difficult relationship with themselves. 

After 15 years in traditional psychotherapy practice, Dr. Zoe jumped off the couch and now helps women using a different modality with a mix of virtual therapy, coaching services and programs, through a lens of psychology, faith and a dash of feminism, designed specifically for women struggling in difficult relationships. 

Dr. Zoe is the author of the Ask Dr. Zoe Column in the Grit and Grace Project women’s magazine, She has been published in Oprahmag.com, Recovery Today magazine, Forbes and is a frequent contributor to Your Tango. You can find her in the media on Instagram: @Drzoeshaw and in most social places at the handle DrZoeShaw. 

In This Episode 

  • When does one become a forever fiancé? 
  • Romantic relationships as charity cases 
  • Perks of ultimatums 
  • “Red flags” and “desires” list in dating 


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