Episode Summary

In this episode, we dive into the complexities of handling various social events after experiencing betrayal. Whether it’s a wedding, a backyard party, or any significant occasion, navigating these situations can be particularly challenging. We discuss strategies for the betrayed, how to maintain composure and focus, and ways to protect yourself emotionally.


Key Points:

Reflecting on a recent wedding experience.

Addressing the difficulty of attending events post-betrayal.

Exploring the emotional and social dynamics involved.

Pre-Event Preparation:

Envision a Positive Outcome: Mentally prepare and visualize the event going smoothly.

Energetic Protection: Techniques such as imagining a protective bubble around yourself to block negativity.

Setting Intentions: Focus on the person or reason for the event, not the betrayer.

During the Event:

Mindset: Keep the focus on the celebration and not on personal pain.

Handling Conversations:

Have a prepared response for well-meaning but intrusive questions (e.g., “I’m working on it, thank you for asking”).

Avoid discussing your betrayal in detail.

Avoiding Numbing Agents: Be cautious with alcohol and other numbing behaviors to maintain control and judgment.

Boundary Setting:

Plan how long you will stay and how you will exit if needed.

Decide on boundaries for discussing personal matters.

Post-Event Reflection:

Celebrate your strength and courage in attending the event.

Acknowledge and validate your efforts and progress.

Healing and Progress:

Recognize the difference in conversations and feelings at various stages of healing.

Aim to speak from the scar, not the wound.

Understanding the journey through The Five Stages from Betrayal to Breakthrough.

Final Thoughts and Encouragement:

Embrace self-love and compassion throughout the process.

Continual progress leads to easier handling of such events.

The PBT Institute is here to support your journey to your Stage five self.


“Choose the regret that stinks less.”

“You don’t want to speak from the wound; you want to speak from the scar.”

“Betrayal is one of the most painful of the human experiences, but you can and will move through it.”


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