Emerald Peaceful GreenForest is a wonderful example of someone who can continually find hope, healing, and compassion in whatever life throws at her, and comes back stronger every time. The ‘Empress of Encouragement’, Emerald is a premier and trusted advisor to many of the worlds leading influencers in the personal and professional development industry.

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Today Emerald is sharing some interesting perspectives and ways to heal from a betrayal that you may not have tried before. Along with her emotionally unstable childhood, struggle through her 3-year-old son’s sexual abuse, and abusive relationships, Emerald has continued to keep her faith and heal her relationship with herself. On this episode Emerald is sharing her journey, what inspires her to keep going, and so much more.

If you are feeling confused as a leader in your current reality, but have a strong calling and big vision, Emerald is an inspiring and enlighted voice of clarity in the sea of confusion. We are opening up to the vastness of reality and healing your trauma one step at a time through specific processes and intentions.

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In This Episode

  • Cultural conditioning and creating a model of self-care
  • How sound can release and heal trauma on a molecular level
  • Different modalities of healing and ways to start from the inside out
  • Letting go of what once was to make room for what can be
  • Opening up to the vastness of reality and starting to use your intention


“What’s really interesting about therapy is it allows you to distinguish what’s going on, but it doesn’t necessarily help you to transcend it.” (8:40)

“A lot of the shifts that happened in my life came as a result of what I am going to call divine intervention.” (15:54)

“Gratitude is the currency of the universe, and currency is gratitude in action” (30:20)


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