Happy New Year! It’s the perfect time to let go of the old in order to let in the new so I’m reaching out to let you know about a very special offer.
You’ve probably heard about The PBT (Post Betrayal Transformation) Institute Membership Community-the only full service community to heal physically/mentally/emotionally from the betrayal of a family member, partner, friend, self, etc.

Let me help set you up for success and take care of your transformation for the year.

Join us now until Sunday, January 10th and when you invest in a yearly membership (either our Standard or Upgraded level) you’ll receive:
·      2 months free!
·      A private 1 on 1 session with me personally
·      A special new-member group jumpstart session in January to create and lock in your game plan for success
“I don’t know if I’ve ever been this happy before. I’m so grateful for PBT-so blessed. I KNOW I’ll get there and that it’s just a work in progress! I’m almost crying as I’m writing this to you right now. Thank you so much again for PBT!!! When you said nothing else like this exists, you were so right because I’ve been to 8 therapists in the last 2.5 years, tried EMDR, and nothing has worked until NOW. You’re seriously such an angel!” – Katie, WV
“For over 40 years I have studied health, nutrition and done biblical research. Seven years ago I married who I thought was my soulmate but I later learned he is a narcissist. My world and health were turned upside down. I have been searching for answers for five years and your class is exactly what I needed to change my life and heal from repeated betrayal. I have taken notes and I listen to your class videos daily over and over. One of the most important things I learned is the same principal I apply to physical healing and that is you must get to the root cause which is the stress caused by the betrayal and then the symptoms will go away. I see things clearly now, I am sleeping better, improving my self care, and looking forward to a better future thanks to you and this class with the needed support.
I have told many people about your class and books. You have changed my life at a time when I did not think that was possible. Thank you so very much.” – Carol, CT

“Wow! This was awesome. I went to the gym this whole week. Yoga, core strengthening and weights. Feel good, less pain. I focused on being gentle with myself and it extends to how I treat others in my life. So grateful for the learning and growth. You were so right, Debi. As I am going through this program, the people who used to push my buttons and make me act in unhealthy ways no longer do. There is nothing in me for them to hang their stuff on so they just leave me alone. I laugh so much these days. I feel the same joy I remember feeling as a child just being alive. Thank you.” – Emma, TX


“I heard Debi Silber describe what happens to your mind and body after a betrayal. I knew this was for me. I’m now healing and growing and have a new dream and vision for my life! So grateful for Debi and this betrayal work! Its life changing!” – V.T, GA
With daily, live classes with me, certified coaches, masterclasses with experts, along with our proven programs and inspirational community, there truly is no better place to realize that you’re not alone and you can heal (physically, mentally and emotionally) from your painful experience.

Let’s make 2021 YOUR year to transform. Don’t let your experience define you-let us help you turn your biggest crisis into your launch pad to transformation.

Lock in your success plan, claim your bonuses and let’s get YOU to your best place so you can feel healthy, whole, confident, strong and happy. We get it and we got you.

Join us now so we can get you started on your path to healing today. This week only for ALL of our bonuses! https://thepbtinstitute.com/join/

To YOUR Transformation,
Dr. Debi
169: From Victim To Victor w/ Kimberly Milousis