Do you feel as though you have conquered many aspects in your life, but finding love is one that has evaded you? Riana Milne knows this feeling and is here to share the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to relationships, dating, and trauma. Many of us have unconscious emotional wounds that we carry with us into our adult life and can be the reason why we can’t seem to figure out why we can’t find love.

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By starting the path to understanding you can begin to make internal changes that can have a radical effect on you and your partner’s happiness. Once you become mindful and conscious of your decisions, the healing of the brain and the body can begin again. It is time to uncover your past trauma patterns and start working towards the healing process.

What kind of trauma have you had to overcome in your life? How has it affected your ability to find a partner? Let us know where you are on this journey in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • How childhood relationship trauma impacts your adult life relationships
  • 10 adverse childhood events that sabotage future love
  • The many characteristics of childhood trauma
  • Figuring out where your adult actions and behaviors are rooted
  • Understanding your original wounds and communicating through it with your partner



“I didn’t know about this stuff. Once I found it I was like ‘oh my gosh, the floodgates are opening’. And that’s why I put my programs together, for people who have gone through this. It’s like ‘okay I got it, now what do I do with it?’” (3:46)

“Depression can come out as anger, emotionally checking out, or just extreme fatigue. So if you grow up with a parent with those kind of issues, which they often got from their parents because it is a generational thing, then the person of high anxiety is always someone from childhood trauma.” (12:04)

“Everyone comes to me with their own different puzzle you know, depending on what their traumas were and then how we have to help heal them.” (14:03)

“There are ways to find emotionally healthy, involved and conscious partners. And this is the other technique I teach of, ‘where are they? How do you find them? And how do you stay away from buying into the rules that are ridiculous.’” (23:27)



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