There will come a time in a woman’s life when she will be ready to start dating again after a failed relationship. But it may not come easy. Fortunately, Kate Houston is here to help you develop your confidence and identify the factors you need to address to take your dating life to the next level.

Kate is no stranger to dating, having experienced the highs and lows of being in different relationships. She learned from all of her past experiences and now uses this knowledge about dating to help ambitious, career-driven women translate that same level of success into their love lives.

About Guest/Topic

Kate Houston usually works with women who are ambitious and successful yet anxious when it comes to love. Most of the women she’s helped are those who have experienced roller-coaster relationships in the past and are finally ready to tap into the power within themselves and have the relationship they’ve always desired.

Kate hopes to empower all women to create loving relationships. She does this by helping them develop the self-reassurance and self-confidence they’ll need to attract the men that they deserve.

In this episode, Kate shares important dating advice that she believes all women should hear.

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In This Episode

  • Identify when you’re ready to start dating after a breakup
  • Learn how to develop a self-reassuring attitude
  • Set proper standards and boundaries for yourself while dating
  • Learn how all women should present themselves when trying to attract men


“Truly, [love is] a journey to better ourselves and to evolve with another human being as our mirror. ” [3:18]

“Be careful with your language. Words create our reality.” [5:47]

“Ghosting seriously is a validation for ‘I’m not worthy.’” [7:35]

“Standards are about what you will and will not accept.” [10:28]

“Men fall in love with women by how women treat themselves, not how they treat their men.” [12:21]

“When you’re meeting them at their worst or where they perceive as their worst or they’re still in super healing, trying to figure things out, they’re not going to be the right match for you because you’re accepting them at that level. Plus, you don’t know what that healing is going to be to see if it aligns with you yet.” [22:01]


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