Anna Miranda is an intuitive coach who has dedicated her life to the study of metaphysics and utilizing many forms of intuitive arts to spiritually coach those looking to discover their true potential. Aside from her resume, Anna was pivotal in my betrayal journey and helped me realize the true purpose of my betrayal. Today, Anna is here to rediscover my healing journey, and share her wealth of knowledge with you.

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If you have ever been curious about creating soul contracts with yourself, partner and family, how to gain absolute faith and trust the universe, or get a closer look into how I dealt with my betrayal, this episode is for you. Anna is an advocate for believing in yourself, listening to your soul to tell you what to do next, and getting outside of the victim mentality.

By letting go of the shame and embarrassment that goes along with sharing your betrayal, you can stop hiding and embrace and trust all aspects of ‘what is’. While vulnerability may be scary, it is the only way to fully unlock your true potential and ability for love. It is time to rediscover your vibrant self, and Anna is here to help.

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In This Episode

  • Learn how to trust in your intuition again
  • Realizing your betrayal as a gift to unlocking your true self
  • Why sometimes you have to lose what that means the most to make a change
  • How to ‘find the gold in the trauma’
  • Becoming truly selfless and vulnerable through soul contracts


“I remember thinking explicitly, I don’t trust certainly him, I don’t trust myself, at least let me trust in the universe. And Anna seemed to have this direct line” (3:04) – Debi

“My only job is to help you tap into what you already are, to the essence of your being. That we tend to forget when we are in trauma” (4:00) – Anna

“In soul contracts, we don’t see obstacle or pain as a bad thing, we actually see it as a grand opportunity that your soul set forth way before it was even incarnated in this lifetime” (8:22) – Anna

“It wasn’t enough for me to heal personally. The injustice of it was so gigantic for me, that I said if I can heal from this I will have to do my best to heal as many people as I can” (24:55) – Debi

“True authenticity has to come from a place of vulnerability” (33:31) – Anna


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