Phaedra Antioco is one of the most sought after pain relief experts who helps high performing people get back to the life they once had before pain. After breaking free from her own pain, and specializing in pain relief for over 20 years, Phaedra created an easy to follow pain relief system to help her clients stand strong once again.

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Phaedra believes that every physical pain has an emotional root, and when we identify the roots of those pain is when we can truly begin to heal. Focusing on congruency between how you feel inside and how you respond outside, Phaedra’s system is all about paying attention to what is not working in your life to make way for better things.

Your body is letting you know what is happening mentally and emotionally and when you pay attention to it is when you can uncover, unlock and heal. By asking yourself what isn’t working in your life, you can start to release your pain and listen to the things in life that are pleasant.

It is time to take the leap and do the things that scare you because on the other side of that fear is everything you want. How does Phaedra’s mission resonate with you? Let us know in the comments below!

In This Episode

  • How something mental and emotional can translate into something physical
  • The trauma vortex and how to shift out of that stress
  • 5 steps to break free from pain
  • Why fear is paralyzing and you need to feel safe to make good choices
  • Orienting yourself to pleasure and rewiring your brain to pleasant things


“I sought various treatment to help me because I don’t remember the accident, I don’t remember the trauma, but my body does. (3:10)

“So we really need to look at how we show up in the world today as adults, who we choose to be in relationships with and how we show up in those relationships really start from our childhood. And we can call that developmental trauma” (8:25)

“I guide people to start rewiring their brain out of the pain. Because it’s not all that bad, there’s always a way” (15:06)

“We might only be focused on that struggle and how hard life has been, but we also need to look at how the positives we have had and how our story really does create who we are. So we need to look, explore and then release the past trauma” (21:10)

“Anytime an emotion comes up, explore it, really let it out. If its anger, beat the bed, beat the pillow. But the reality is it is coming up for a reason, so just look at it and examine it.” (30:09)


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