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Most good comedy and humor come from the painful parts of life, but have you ever considered how finding the humor in a hard situation could help you heal? Paul Osincup is a humor strategist, TEDx speaker, and leading expert in the professional application of humor to reduce stress, build resilience, increase influence, and boost happiness. Paul believes in the power of humor in leadership and is here today to share how humor can enhance health and human performance.

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Paul is on a mission to increase global workplace happiness by helping others rewire themselves to find the funny. By implementing tools to help you laugh a bit more, you may be able to heal from your betrayal a bit easier as well. There is real power in humor, and if you need help getting started, Paul is here to introduce you to the world of humor and help you develop your sense of humor intentionally and strategically. Laughing is proven to reduce cortisol, boosts serotonin and oxytocin, and helps improve your connection with others. 

By spicing up the mundane things in your life that you have to do, laughter is possible no matter what you are going through. Regardless of what type of humor you like, you can encourage the presence of humor in your life by implementing Paul’s simple and effective strategies. Are you ready to train your brain to look for humor in the mundane and painful? Share how laughter has helped you heal in the comments below. 

In This Episode

  • Humor habits that you can develop to improve your sense of humor 
  • Learn about the different types of humor and how to add them to your daily routine
  • How to use laughter to heal from your betrayal and improve your health 
  • Strategies to help you take a humor break to achieve the desired outcome
  • What to do if you are having an off day and how to purposely develop humor


“Humor is not a talent, humor is a habit.” (3:26)

“Ultimately, like any other form of communication, I think humor can be used as a tool and as a weapon. And for me, I like humor that makes people feel good and makes me feel good.” (7:34)

“We studied the application of humor and just doing that exercise seven days, writing down three things you found amusing or funny each day, they found actually decreases depressive symptoms and increases happiness for up to six months.” (17:02)

“Humor is one of the things that actually starts firing in all areas of the brain, and so it does a lot for our overall feelings of happiness.” (19:09)

“Just because something is hurtful, doesn’t mean it’s not okay to laugh about it. And there is a really close connection between laughing and crying.” (22:39)

“Regardless of what you are going through… you don’t have to hope for humor to happen. You can harness it and be intentional about it.” (28:34)


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